Patsung Imperial ISI Certified 3 L Induction Bottom Pressure Cooker (Aluminium)


Whether you’re a bachelor living alone or a parent cooking dinner for a family, this 3L pressure cooker from Patsung makes the task of cooking easy and convenient. While its Sturdy Handles guarantee safety, the Precision Weight Valve, Safety Valve, and the Gasket Release System make it safe for anyone to cook with this pressure cooker. Precision Weight Valve By regulating the cooking steam pressure, this valve saves your time and also keeps you safe. Safety Valve To keep the pressure from rising beyond a safe level, this valve releases excess steam through the small hole fitted to the top of the lid. So, even if the vent pipe gets blocked, you don’t have to worry about safety. Sturdy Handles Cooking any dish with this pressure cooker becomes easy, thanks to its durable and easy-fitting handles. The lock arrangements in these aesthetically designed handles provide easy uni-directional rotation. Gasket Made of specially formulated food grade rubber, the gasket not only lasts longer but also ensures that it doesn’t leave any colour, taste, or odour in your food. Gasket Release System To prevent any type of hazardous situation, the gasket in this pressure cooker will bulge and release steam if the vent tube has any blockage. Made of Superior Aluminium You needn’t worry about scratches or stains as this pressure cooker is made from superior quality virgin aluminium. To ensure that stains don’t settle, just wash it with a mild dishwashing cleanser after you finish cooking. Non-induction Base The shape of this pressure cooker is retained for a long time, thanks to its thick, machine-pressed aluminium base. Also, its concave bottom helps in retaining the shape its shape.

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